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About US

Lesdy Company was registered to commence business in March 2018 to manufacture tissue papers - toilet rolls, kitchen towels, table napkins, facial tissue papers, Z-Fold Tissues and pocket tissues. 

Between 2018 to 2021, the company put up its building for the Factory, Warehouses and Office; imported, installed and did test run for production. Lesdy started production for sale to the general public in November 2021.

Lesdy Head office is at Adabraka, 5 Adama Avenue, GPS: GA136-1138 and the factory is located at Gomoa Nyamenadom-Central Region, about 19 Km (about 20 minutes’ drive) from the Kasoa toll booth. 

Using high quality modern equipment and machinery for its operation, the company has high operational efficiency coupled with the production of high-quality tissue papers. 


About 90% of our workforce are the youth that resides around the community where we operate. These employees undergo regular training and skills development and we are proud to have created jobs for these young ones who hitherto had no such skills and were unemployed.


We strive to improve our operational efficiency and production quality for the benefit of our customers. We have set for ourselves the vision and mission as outlined below.


We keep homes clean the simplest way with daily use tissue papers.



Our Mission is to continually use the most cost effective and efficient production methods to provide high quality tissue papers at lower cost for the overall benefit of the final user. 


In the light of this we source our raw materials from well-known companies with the records of producing high quality giant jumbo rolls at a lower cost.


Our production line comes with modern machines with low power consumption and efficient production system. The coordination of production flow minimizes wastes and improve efficiency. 


Our delivery outlet plan gives an effective way of getting our final products to our customers.


We believe human resource is the first and most important asset of the company. We employ and train our staffs to have customer first principle at heart; we practice good customer relationship, and customer care and offer customers stress free transactions. Our staffs are well trained and regularly being trained on their jobs to help us meet today’s wide and varied customer expectations.



We produce 

  1. Toilet Tissues

  2. Kitchen Towel

  3. Table Napkins

  4. Facial Tissue Box

  5. Pocket Tissue

  6. Z- Fold Tissue papers

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